What you get

Become a member

Sign up to ANSA 2022.

  • Membership will cost $175 per annum
  • Tax-deductible
  • Available for all SET and NSET registrars

What are the benefits of signing up?

  • Priority access to simulation workshops
  • SET application workshops (many of which are highly sought-after)
  • Private Assisting handbook and ANSA also serves as a platform for surgeons wishing to recruit private assistants 

We will also prioritise lifelong members when offering spots for the very limited Fellowship exam wake-up session.

Will I still have to pay for Gratias Cena?

Yes, but there’ll be a significant members discount.

Why are we charging for things that cost nothing in the past?

We believe that our teachers and supervisors put in a lot of work to train us, and we give back to them through the Gratias Cena dinner. Some of our activities also cost money to run. We’ve previously covered the cost of our activities through ticketing from the Gratias Cena dinner, which raises (and costs) $20-30,000 each year, and is only attended by a fraction of the trainees. It’s not fair for the trainees that do go to foot the bill for the whole cohort, when the thank you dinner is coming from everyone that took part in education that year, and is a vital part in ensuring that we maintain our educational program. This will hopefully make Gratias Cena cheaper for those that attend, and provide a new way to contribute for those that can’t make it but still want to say ‘thank you’ to their teachers.

What are the full list of ANSA activities in 2022?

Tutorials: Run by consultant surgeons to improve your surgical knowledge.

  • Bi-weekly morning tutorials throughout the year
  • Feb-March “Shock and Awe” daily Fellowship preparation tutorials
  • Saturday education sessions


Simulation Workshops: Hands-on tutorials to improve your technical skills.

  • Laparoscopic Intracorporeal suture workshop
  • Abdominal Wall Reconstruction workshop – Previously run
  • Bowel Anastomosis workshop – Previously run
  • MORTAR simulation workshops – combined with Anaesthetics and theatre staff


SET Application workshops: Run by consultants and SET trainees to help aspiring surgeons onto the program.

  • Research workshop
  • CV workshop
  • Interview practice sessions


Fellowship exam preparation workshops: Run by fellows and consultants to maximise your chances at success in the Fellowship Exam

  • Fellowship exam “Wake-Up Session” exam simulation
  • Shock and Awe tutorials


Private Assisting:

  • Handbook guide to Private Assisting – Written guidelines on how to set yourself up and bill for Private Assisting
  • Opportunities to private assist surgeons from the Austin and Northern hospitals.

Gratias Cena – Trainees and educators thank you dinner

  • The annual dinner to thank your supervisors, trainers, and teachers, and to celebrate the successes of surgical training at the Austin.